Product Care

Care Instructions

Studio Ore products should be cleaned regularly with warm water or a mild pH-neutral liquid soap and polished with a soft cloth. Residue from products such as toothpaste and shower gel can cause stains so make sure to rinse fittings with clean water after use. 

Never use cleaning agents that contain abrasives, harsh chemicals, alcohol or other solvents. Avoid using cloths or sponges that may scratch the products such as scouring pads or steel wool. 

Please ask your plumber to take care when handling the products. Grease, plaster, tile grout and other building materials may permanently damage the products. 

Polished Brass

Studio Ore's signature finish is polished brass. This is where fittings are not lacquered or electroplated thus allowing them to age naturally and gain a characterful patina over time.

The humid environment of a bathroom or kitchen will accelerate the ageing process and our products are usually beautifully aged after 8 weeks of use. The photographs below show what the supplied finish looks like and how it will develop with time. 

The care instructions above are recommended. If you wish to preserve the supplied polished finish then a metal polish, such as Brasso, can be used to remove tarnishing. 

Matt Black Enamel

In addition to the general care instructions, avoid cleansers that include wax as these will leave shiny areas on the matt surface. Enamel is a brittle finish that may chip or scratch so please handle your products with care.